Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Stock Tip? Buy Taser...

The company that makes the Taser is making money hand over fist these days. Word is several hundred of the devices are making their way to St. Paul in time for the GOP convention.

Here is a resolution with the city of St. Paul to keep an eye on:

Resolution – 08-99 – Establishing a 2008 financing and spending plan to purchase
234 Tasers for the Police Department. (GS 3048234)
Laid over to February 20 for a public hearing Yeas – 7 Nays – 0

We'll keep you updated after the Feb. 20th meeting.

For further reading, here is an article about the jubilant capitalists (although they make nearly all of their money from taxpayers) at Taser International, Inc: here.

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