Friday, November 2, 2007

Sen. Klobuchar Can't Make Up Mind On Torture

A week ago members of the Farmer-Labor action team called the offices of Klobuchar and Coleman to see how they would be voting on the Mukasey nomination.

Today, Klobuchar's office said the Senator hadn't made up her mind but was very concerned about Mukasey's answers and she was waiting on a full response from Mukasey.

A Coleman staffer read a statement saying Coleman WILL VOTE FOR MUKASEY. Not a real shocker that Coleman would be a "yes man" to Bush, but here's the kicker: when asked for a statement that could be emailed to the Farmer-Labor Caucus, the staffer said she was reading Coleman's statement from Eric Black's Blog.

Call your senators and make your voice heard.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar: 202-224-3244
Sen. Norm Coleman: 202-224-5641

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