Friday, November 2, 2007

Spotlight On A DFLer

Rep. Ken Tschumper 31B
"I remember when state government worked for everyone. We are not going to solve our problems if we keep re-electing the people already in office. We can make health care affordable, improve education, and reform campaign finance laws to benefit every Minnesotan. It's time for a change."

With statements like this one Ken Tschumper took away a seat from the GOP in 31B. By actually running campaign on convictions and not being a wish-washy centrist, Tschumper was able to be a part of the "Blue Wave" of 2006. Tschumper proves you can be a progressive voice and not sacrifice your values to make a difference in Minnesota.

You can visit his campaign website and contribute to him here.

Or you can give him some moral encouragement and email him at

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