Friday, July 11, 2008

Latest Hysterical Claims By Andy Aplikowski In Rain Delay

It's the first time I've ever seen it, but the latest accusations by story-maker-upper Andy Aplikowski have been delayed by rain

OK I'll give the chicken hawk a little latitude here. There is a serious storm coming through but won't stop us Farmer-Labor types. We know what it takes to be a real "hero" to our fans and that means blogging no matter what Sven at KARE 11 says.

So all I am left with tonight is the teaser: Dirty Tricks In 51A ????? 

Please tell us more Andy Aplikowski. I am dying to know what sort of information your little coffee klatch has come up with. I'll just have to assume you are referring to the breakfast pow-wow Governor Pawlenty had in Blaine. Maybe you guys woke up and decided it was a  dirty trick because it will actually hurt Timothy "I Support Stuff" Sanders. I mean you can't really have the support of a mullet-headed, long hair like Pawlenty. Pawlenty was a McCain guy back when McCain was saying he would be a better President than Bush.

So until Andy Aplikowski comes out of his bunker. We'll just have to wonder. 

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