Thursday, July 3, 2008

Typical Republican Campaign Website

It's humorous to see what kind of snake oil GOPsters are peddling on the web to entice honest, hard-working Minnesotans to vote for them. 

Sometimes the less is more (or at least does little harm) approach is best. Case in point is the website for Timothy A. Sanders, GOP candidate in 51A.

What information can we take away from this bare bones approach to informing the voter?

He says his values are: Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom and Pro-American.

On the last three  of that list, who in the world runs for office against those issues? 

And what does pro-life mean today anyway?  Does it mean you are against wars, for making more safety restrictions for guns and for using science to do what ever is necessary to save lives? Sanders' website doesn't tell you what pro-life means to him. But since that is what I think it means , then I'll conclude that Sanders is an anti-war for gun control and stem cell research candidate. 

That must be what he means. Because he says he is pro-freedom. Therefor, he wouldn't take reproductive rights away from citizens. 

About all I know about Sanders is he is from Blaine. How do I know this? Well, in the 18 or so sentences of factual information he has on the website almost all of them mention Blaine.

Case in point: 

"Tim is a Conservative voice that will stand up for the values of the citizens of Blaine. He has passion and drive to serve the people of Blaine at the Capitol. Tim will work hard for you and your families to represent what is best for the city of Blaine."

I didn't make that up. You can see for yourself here.

Now contrast that to the site his DFL opponent, Shawn Hamilton, has here.


'Nuff said.


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