Sunday, October 7, 2007

2008 Peace First Standard

1050 Selby Avenue, St. Paul MN 55104
Minnesota Wins!
Minnesota will win only when we decide what we really want for our families and communities —
justice, peace, jobs and a clean environment. Let’s put our money where our values are —
let’s improve national security, cut reckless military spending and debt, and convert the savings
to investment in a stronger Minnesota!
Toward this end, we expect Congressional candidates and ourselves to commit to
bold action to end U.S. involvement in the war in Iraq, rebuild our
democracy and create a green economy.
• Peace in Iraq
Secure funding for our troops
Vote to fund troop pay and protection during responsible and prompt
withdrawal of forces and bases from Iraq, and to fund full veterans’ benefits.
Cut off funding for war in Iraq
Vote against funding for military action and bases in Iraq and the Middle East.
Convert funding to rebuilding Iraq
Vote to fund emergency relief for Iraqi refugees, Iraqi-led reconstruction,
and regional diplomacy.
• Peace Conversion to Sustainability and Justice
Secure funding for essential security
Vote to fund essential national and domestic security programs, such as harbor
security and first responders, as identified by the 9/11 commission.
Cut the defense budget to reasonable levels
Vote to cut the defense budget 25% by eliminating funding for obsolete and wasteful
Pentagon programs.
Convert funding to equal rights, a green economy and constitutional integrity:
Equal Rights
• Medicare expansion to cover all Americans by 2015
• 100% funding for education including Special Education, Head Start,
and the Dream Act, and replacement of "No Child Left Behind" by 2012
A Green Economy
• $10 Billion increase in annual federal investment in renewable energy and
“green collar” jobs each of in the next 5 years
• 50% cut in fossil fuel burning by 2018
Constitutional Integrity
• 100% verified paper ballot for every vote in every state by 2012
• Full investigation and punishment of racist disenfranchisement by 2010

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