Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hillary Who?

An online poll being done by Democracy for America is having some interesting results:

Candidate- # of Votes- % of Votes
Al Gore (write in) 26,813 26.47%
Dennis Kucinich 24,609 24.3%
Barack Obama 18,373 18.14%
John Edwards 15,215 15.02%
Bill Richardson 5,745 5.67%
Hillary Clinton 4,489 4.43%

You can still vote there if you click on the link.

This plus another polls showing an alarming support for Stephen Colbert is evidence the presidential candidate field is anything but sorted. It's been a constant theme in the media lately that "It's Hillary and that's it."
But there is still votes to be counted and as polls show, minds to be made up.


Anonymous said...

Intersting. No way I'm voting for Hillary. But Kucinich? Did he just say he saw a UFO or soemthing?

classconscious said...

No he didn't. Thanks for helping to marginalize him though. Virtually no one is doing that so way to take a stand.

Ordinary Person said...

Shirley MacClain is the only one saying he had a close enounter. I'll wait to see what Kucinich has to say himself.
The lack of media coverage on this leads me to think there isn't anything to it. A vote for Kucinich is still a vote for peace and single-payer healthcare. That's more than you can say for a lot of the Dems.