Monday, October 15, 2007

Interesting Race to Watch

Looks like Rep. Joe Mullery will have a progressive challenger for his House seat 58A.
Joe Bodell at Minnesota Campaign Report breaks the story here.
58A is a pretty safe seat for the DFL and while there has been no specific issues mentioned for the challenge, observers in St. Paul at the Capitol could point out Mullery's chaotic chairman style, general aloofness and sponsorship of a bill that would allow officers to detain parolees without probable cause as causes for concern.
Mullery is a classic progressive liberal of the old guard and can campaign on a career of being "one of the good guys."
His challenger, Peggy Flanagan, has very good progressive creds too.
Will this race shape up to be a battle of the new guard versus the old guard?
Stay tuned.


Aaron said...

Joe has got to go.

classconscious said...

I like Peggy Flanagan, but isn't she living in minneapolis and serving on the school board?

Anonymous said...

58A is in North Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

From what I know of Peggy, she would make a great Rep.

SlamDunkTenet said...

I watched some of the meetings Mullery chaired on TV. There were times I am sure none of the Reps (including Joe) or anyone in the audience knew what the heck was going on. He call for a vote on something and then forget what they were voting on. It was the craziest stuff ever.