Thursday, October 11, 2007

National Review Says Tim Pawlenty Ready To Go #2

National Review Online is running an article called: "Presenting the next Vice President."
They say MN's very own "I won by how much?" boy, Tim Pawlenty is all set for the VP slot.
But wait there's more.
The NR column spouts off such nuttiness as "Republicans still have a good shot to win next year" and talking about a solid Bush win in Ohio in 2004 while Wisconsin was lost by fraud and tricks. That's right the Dems stole Wisconsin.
The best part is when the column talks about all the wonderful things Pawlenty stands for and what he would bring to the GOP.
Things like saying the GOP needs to be “the party of Sam’s Club, not just the country club.” 
Then the article just goes off the rails of reality. 
For instance, is says that Pawlenty's stance FOR an increase on the gas tax will hurt him with conservatives. NR must have missed the memo from Pawlenty saying: screw paying for the 35W bridge I want to be popular with the neocons.
You would think someone at National Review would have read a Minnesota paper in the last month to see where he stood on that now. 
Then there is the astounding comparison of a hometown convention nominating Dole to Ford's ticket in 1976.
Anyone at NR look up who won that one?

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