Thursday, October 18, 2007

Farmer-Labor Rallying Call

From time to time, we bring up things on here that you can do to advance the progressive cause keep moving Minnesota forward.

In the short time this blog/caucus has been up and running, we have already pointed out Rep. Jeremy Kalin as one of the shining lights on the progressive horizon.

Yesterday on the Daily Kos, Kalin started a fundraising campaign asking for $17 to fund his campaign. So we in turn are asking you to do the same.

The link to donate to Kalin is here.

$17 for him to keep his seat in 17B is well worth it. He is an important voice for Minnesota.

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classconscious said...

If this country had more legislators as passionate, thoughtful, conscientious, and kind as Jeremy Kalin we'd be a in a much better place.