Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coalition of the willing?

How important is a stable Iraq to the rest of the world?

Let's ask Spain and New Zealand who pulled out troops in 2004. Ask the Netherlands, Hungary, Singapore, Norway and Ukraine who left in 2005.
How important is a stable Iraq to Japan and Italy? It'll be hard to find one of them to ask in Iraq. They left last year.

Now the British are leaving. They will be down to 2,500 troops and possibly gone in the spring. Did they do their chores in Basra so they could go home earlier than the Americans? Nope. The violence there persists. But not for ideological reasons. As the LA Times points out: "[The violence] has plenty to do with who controls lucrative smuggling, as well as the port through which much of Iraq's oil moves." And much of it is Shiite-on-Shiite fighting.

Every argument that has been made in favor of the war in Iraq has turned out to be wrong.
And now the arguments to stay are turning out to be just as faulty.

End the WAR NOW.

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